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Limited Menu

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Taco Dinners

All dinners are served with (3) taces and rice + beans. Options: corn (soft) or flour tortillas with onion and cilantro. You may add lettuce and tomato at no charge, cheese, cheese and/or sour cream is extra ($0.30) per taco.

À la Carte Tacos


All sandwiches are served with fries, lettuce, tomato + onions

Quesadilla Dinners

All quesadillas have cheese, green peppers + onions served with rice + beans



Jarrito $1.89/ Plastic $2.29/ 1/2 liter glass $3.89/ Fountain (DINE-IN ONLY) Coke, Diet, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Lemonade, Pibb, Raspberry Tea, Unsweetened Tea $1.90


Restaurant: Monday-Saturday 10 A.M - 8 P.M.

Butcher Shop: Monday-Saturday 8 A.M - 6 P.M.

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